Who are we and how did we start this Company?

Putting it in writing is one thing, but doing the work is another!


At Mind Vision Productions & Films LLC established in 2007 as a production company that has provided services to feature films, productions, weddings, and networks. We take each project and develop a visual plan from concept, script, storyboard final cut to final product. We also have a team of professional and skilled graphic designers, animators, videographers, and editors that will deliver the most compelling and visual message for your target audience. Contact us to discuss your next project, idea, or event.


Don Armstrong


Don has a long career in video, film and live production dating back to 1996 he began filming music videos and in 2000 he released a documentary that was licensed to a distributor and seen by millions of people. He released multiple independent feature films and documentaries and soon begin investing in other live productions, concerts, feature films, and software.

Christopher Alperstein

VP of Operations - Grand Rapids, MI Location

Chris and his father Joel join Mind Vision Productions & Films in 2016 and formed a national touring division which provides the necessary resources and worldwide routing. Chris has a vested career in providing lighting, sound, effects, and production to some of the biggest tours for the most influential super-star artist and performers in this world.

Lewis Ford

VP of Operations - Detroit, MI Location

Lewis join Mind Vision Productions & Films in 2018 and has provided technical direction, content creation, setup and installation for national tours. Lewis background and has a degree in IT and Technical Communications. Lewis programs and has a very intensive knowledge in Robotic Cameras, Switchers, and LED Video Wall Programming..

Remember this, there is no service like quality service!

"Bringing your Ideas to LIVE"




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